I work remotely and I work for two companies at the same time. None of the two companies know i'm working for other. The funny thing is that I'm doing really good at both companies and the leads and project managers at both companies are blown away with my code and turn around time on features/bugs. On one of the company I helped save a 2 million project from a client who was on the edge of walking way the 2 week before I came on the project. That client just signed another half million dollar deal this week.

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    Do you list both companies on Linkedin? Are you afraid they could find out?

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    I did that too! Actually several times. Also with the same results - all companies were amazed.

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    Yeah I am looking for a second job. I get paid x amount per year on default. I don't even have to work the full allocated hours.

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    That's either freelance (independent contractor) or just fraud mate

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