I've been working remotely for over a decade, and I can never go back to working in an office. I think this limits my career options in the future, as most senior positions require you to be physically on site.

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    I'd disagree about senior rolls needing to be onsite. I can see manager positions needing to be in-person. But the high cost of living is SF and difficulty finding talent has many companies looking to fill senior rolls remotely.

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    It definitely limits your options, but the ones that remain have a higher likelihood of being efficient, productive organizations. That's my experience.

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    Yes, it will limit your options, however, there are options. The company I work for is fully distributed. We have 1 "permanent" office at a co-working place and only the CEO even uses it sometimes.

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    This is something I fear as well, as my career progresses how can I ensure I keep remote. Hopefully the opportunities are out there (and I remain relevant)

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    ...and then a global pandemic made it clear that remote work is here to stay. Don't worry, OP :)

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