When working at a coffee shop, I hate going alone because then I have to take my computer with me when I have to go poop. The struggle is real.
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    Hate when that happens!
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    I just leave my computer out, but I live in Canada and everyone is way too nice to steal your laptop. :)
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    Yeah, nightmare~
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    Unless you live in Japan :D
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    There's an app for this
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    Uber for laptop s(h)itting.
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    Also, finding the correct balance of what stuff to leave (to save your table) and what to take with you. I usually go with empty coffee cup, water cup, and one article clothing.
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    I feel ya!
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    I have the same problem :(
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    Three Words: Kensington Laptop Lock https://linkfeed.com/am/B005J7Y99W I lock it down and the go poop it out =)
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    Always have to ask someone nearby (who is also working on a computer, so maybe they don't need to steal yours) to watch my stuff when I go. I return the favor of course.
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    Somehow I tend to never poop in public places. Organism suppresses bodily function until nice opportunity comes up. Safety feature. Am I the only one?

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