Mon: In the office, pulled into one distraction (read: meeting) after another. 5:00 approaches, I stress about my minuscule progress on real work. Tues - Thurs: Working from home, plowing through 2 weeks of backlog. I blast the boss' inbox with accomplishments. I feel awesome. Fri: Back in the office, my boss congratulates me on the great meetings that happened Monday. She asks where I was for all the meetings Tues, Wed, and Thurs. Wants me to work on being more available, these things are important.

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    It's the impromptu meetings that remote people get left out of. Those just happen to be the ones the onsite make decisions and forget to tell the remote because everyone was there - totally forgetting that remotes were not.

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    Talking with team members is good. That can happen over any channel. Impromptu "meetings" are often a symptom of disorganized leadership and lack of strategy. They lead to staggering loss of productivity and motivation. Especially in software, things get *really* expensive.

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    ## Follow up (OP here) I bailed on that team. Massive executive dysfunction. I'm working with a distributed team now. We have a space for a small local team (good during initial ramp up) or we can work from home. Most execs and the bulk of the devs are out of the area and we're all just getting work done and making rapid progress. It's nice to be able to do awesome work again and not have to worry about "being visible" and all the dysfunction!

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