I don't think remote work makes you more productive compared 1:1 to co-location. It's more difficult to discuss innovative ideas, brainstorm and chat. It cuts down on commute time and distractions and improves wellbeing, independence and focused time to work though - all main factors of fatigue and burn out, which will lead to better longterm productivity and retention rates. People who argue that remote work -> worse, clearly don't see that.

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    I feel more productive now that I'm remote compared to before, but I agree that it's more challenging to discuss crazy ideas when we aren't in the same location. At the office, I'd spend too much time being interrupted by my teammates, breaks, too many meetings and sometimes having brainstorming sessions to talk about new/future projects would make us lose our focus on the current tasks. Now that I'm remote, we plan our IRL meetings weeks prior, and everyone has tons of fresh ideas to discuss when we all meet. It's exciting. Then we all go back "home" and focus on making these ideas reality. So maybe it's just a different way of doing things.

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    Keep in mind you most likely can't find the same variety of people, talent and backgrounds in a co-located office, so that gives it a bump which makes it on par on many levels.

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