I turned to remote work to avoid the hassle of the visa process to move to San Francisco. I still get to work for a great tech company and learn a lot without having to take a gamble on visas. It gets lonely sometimes but I would never complain about it. The pros outweigh the cons hugely for me. I wish there were more fully remote teams though, so more skilled passionate workers from outside USA could take this path. : )

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    I do the same thing currently. Work from Canada for an SF based company. I really like the setup. But I'm going to move to SF soon because I want to be in the heart of the action.

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    I passed on opportunities to work in SF as I could find any pro to live there compared to anywhere else. "I want to be in the heart of the action" - action like ridiculous rental costs, or action like being surrounded by a bunch of tech bros rambling about their cool new uber for dog sitting? (Or fuck, wait... this actually exists there).

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