I was treated like shit. Yes, even in remote work you can't get away from bad bosses. And because of their decisions, I had to be the one dealing with users complaining. In an office you can be micromanaged. In remote work, you can also be micromanaged. My remote work environment suffered from: overengineering, micromanagement, being treated as expendable (and everyone was reminded of it), and people with anger issues using anger to control. Once, I was asked why I looked like I "didn't care" when someone had another video meeting-slash-shouting session at the team. Their control-via-anger doesn't work on me. And it bothered them. I guess you could say that I 'hit back'. Not in anger, but via other ways. Legal ways. Their 'Let's treat our remote employee like shit!' had backfired on them. My life is much better.

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    The legal avenue wasn't because of the remote work environment btw, it was something else. One thing to be aware of is jurisdiction. There has been some cases where the employee was in country A (or state A if same country), the company was based in country B (or state B) and the judge later ruled that it needed to be tried in the other jurisdiction.

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