I'm so fed up with the endless hassle in phone & video conferences with my peers - "can you hear me?", "can you see me?", "can you see my screen?", "sorry, I was on mute", "can you give me control?", ...

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    This is why I prefer emails. Just email it. I'll read it and get back to you.

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    This stuff can get really frustrating! But if you are working remote you have to use phone conferences, video sessions, and screen sharing. Relax, and accept it's just part of the business. If you let it constantly get to you, you will never be happy. But if there are certain people who are constantly having the same issues, then a conversation is needed to help them a) realize how frustrating it can be, and b) give them suggestions on how to fix some of their issues.

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    I sometimes feel I get muted on purpose in meetings, jelousy that I am the only member on the leadership team that’s remote? But, the truth is myself and my team of remote workers work circles around the rest!!

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