Remote only works if the full team is distributed. If you're the lone wolf joining other teams in video calls, your difference slowly but surely makes you drift apart from the team.
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    Fully agree. Have seen a few teams fail trying to go distributed with their employee #21. That person is guaranteed to be left out of all informal communication in the office. Successful distributed teams have that modus operandi built into their DNA from ground up.
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    As a member of a remote team acquired by a company that is obsessed with their physical meeting rooms, I agree wholeheartedly. 5 remote people struggling to hear 20 people in a room on speaker phone has the tables tipped enough that you can't help but drift further away.
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    Yup- I be the lone wolf.
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    Agree. It has to be a full team thing, of not the entire organization. Conference phones (and rooms) have to be thrown out the instant someone goes remote.
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    Just as a data point, I worked as a lone wolf in such setup for year and a half and it was the best remote job I ever had; most of the crew are my good friends now, four years after company shut down

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