Today, in Jakarta, I found a great coworking space through Nomadlist. It's the best set-up I ever had (ergonomic chair, adjustable standing desk facing the window, etc.), and I only paid 7USD to stay here for the day. Meanwhile in Europe, I pay 10USD+ for a sub-par setup. I need to move.
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    Europe still needs to "grow up" regarding remote work. Slowly, we'll get our shit together.
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    You pay $10 for a setup/desk? That's crazy. Over here in my area, it's $35 for one day and $250 for the lowest month package...lets you go three times a week.
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    I suspect the $7 place isn't profitable and will close.
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    What name of this coworking space?
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    That's so reasonable. What about wifi? How much you have to pay for day for wifi?

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