I love working from home, yet my partner, family and friends doesn't accept that I AM working. "Why didn't you do the dishes?" Well, I had a goddamn deadline. So what if i'm still in my PJs.

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    I have the same problem. My mom came to visit for a few days and she kept making all these plans for us to do during the day, and I had to keep reminding her that I'm not on vacation. I'm WORKING during the day.

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    Same here lol. My wife thinks I'm playing star wars or some pixilated game whenever I open up my terminal and decides to leave our 2 kids (a 2 year old and a 3 month old) with me and just head out for the day. Like I'm not busy at all and I can look after 2 kids while writing smart contracts for clients.

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    Haha, I can rely to that. I am employed full time, work from my living room, and my girlfriend sometimes struggles to understand that "I'm at the office from 9am to 7pm" as I often reply. I try to be social and interact during those hours, but it's not easy to define the limit between office and home.

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