I'm lonely and it sucks.
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    I've had moments like this too - simply need to figure out what is needed to stop this feeling. Whether going to a coffee shop, paying for a co-working space or even moving cities! The only thing that can help here is doing something about it. Yes it is easier said than done but 2017 is around the corner so think of a plan and stick with it!
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    I hear you. I hear you good.
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    Workfrom - they've got a community for people like us. :)
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    Keep your head up, brother or sister. It does suck. Major. But fuck.
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    i'm feeling this too. need to plan for better things.
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    I found that working in a public space like a library or park picnic table helped me feel better.
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    Definitely find a meetup to attend and talk to people working similarly to you. If nothing else, just create a meetup and call it "Lonely Remote Workers" ;p
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    I know this problem. It sucks but hey, gotta get out when you're not working. It helps.
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    Had this problem too and basically made some friends nearby and later a SO. Now we are sitting at home together all the time :D
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    Lonely is not in the vocabulary if you are paid well to work remotely. I believe people who are naturally inclined to enjoy the serenity of a warm cup of coffee and the smell of books. Libraries are perfect for remote workers and switching multiple spots as in rotating your environment is nice too. However,lonely is that last thing anyone should feel. You have a job,you get paid and have plenty of free time when you don't have to work. I would say,just do it. No complaining.
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    Talk to people often. All people Any person Normal human people of the earth. They are amazing. You need them. They need you. Its life! Close the laptop lid and smile and say hello. Lastly do some public space people watching for a break from work. preferably outside. You will see so many cool things and have so many laughs. Thanks pete :)
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    Remote work is never bad. You might be lonely, but you get to discover a whole lot of interesting things around the world.

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