Remote working has tons of benefits but a few things are difficult to handle.... - being on your own A LOT - Taxes - setting up yourself as a company & reporting - motivation - timezones
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    Right, because remote working is actually basically illegal in many situations because of the company situation :|
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    Not sure 'illegal' - but the set up is very different. Not employees but contractors etc
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    It's just hard to be in a fully legal situation, not because one doesn't *want* to, but because the law is made for static employees and is confusing. Examples : Where do I report my taxes, if I keep moving from country to country every month? Paid by a US company USD, but reporting taxes in EUR, while working in Asia/Europe/America, what exchange rate should be used? Is Europe even the right place to report taxes to begin with? The answer to these questions is so hard to find online.
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    Remote working doesn't mean being a contractor in most cases. Just work in a remote-friendly (or remote-first) company and you'll be an employee while working from home.
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    It's not that hard to be legal. Contact these guys:
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    As far as taxes go, should check out Been using them for a little over a year and they automate your tax withholding for each paycheck. I had to sign up after being slapped by the IRS with a 'surprise' $8,000 end-of-year tax bill.
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    Are you serious?
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    Lmao....guys get organized! There are apps for all of the things you have mentioned.Seriously!

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