When I first started working full-time as a remote employee, I was too afraid to even get up and leave my desk because I kept associating my home as an extension of my company's office. But it's not. My home is my office. Learning to rethink how I allocate my time and what is acceptable and not acceptable at my office was a huge adjustment. Fast forward a year later and now I wake up, clock in and hop in the shower while I wait for my encrypted PC to start up because I realized that I have opportunities available to me at my office that others do not, so what I choose to do with my free time/in between time and what others in office do with theirs is arbitrary. They make a coffee and do their rounds of morning hellos - I get cleaned up for the day. They both take five minutes.

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    I'm trying to do this. I have this anxiety about working from home, like I have to prove my worth by working harder. I dont get to enjoy the true perks.

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