I'm paid for full time remote work, yet my productive hours are around 4 to 5 each day. I still deliver top quality code and I'm praised by the CTO. I still think I should be doing more, but I find it physically impossible.

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    Take a minute to think about how many truly productive hours you crank out when working in an office. Depending on the environment, I've found that it's between 2 and 4. Really focused, introverted devs can manage 6. Seriously. I've run the numbers on multiple teams. More concerning: The people on the low end of that productivity spectrum are usually the highest paid. They are the most likely to be pulled into meetings just because they are there or disturbed at their desk because they can answer questions. In other words, you are probably just as efficient, if not more so, than your office-bound compatriots.

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    Well that's a fact: we're meant to be productive 4 to maybe 6 hours per day, not more and it doesn't matter if you're working remotely or not. It's like that.

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    Nobody works effectively 100% of their time. NOBODY, despite what people say to brag. Everybody has its own pace, and if you're completing your job or going beyond objectives in less time, it's called doing your job. In the service industry, job quality are rarely correlated to the time spent on it, as it was when most of the people worked in factories.

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    Getting 4 or 5 hours productive work is amazing! People working in offices get much less than that. You could use the last couple of hours to improve yourself (e.g. read, go to the gym or meditate).

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    4 hours is a _good_ day for me. I use the Pomodoro technique and if I get 10 in (10 * 25min = 4hr 10min), I know I've had a good, productive day.

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    This seems about the norm for me. I am not remote at my main job and I feel great about the fact that no one is trying to micromanage my day to make me "look busy." 4-5 is a really good mark to hit IMHO.

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    This week I think I'm getting 1-2 hours/day.. but FT billing.

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    I have 4 super productive hours a day if I'm on a good flow when I'm in the office. You are doing normal here.

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    You're not paid to put in hours. You're paid to produce solutions in a timely manner. Nobody is looking over your shoulder. Just commit to things and then get them done, and everyone will feel good about your work, including you.

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    what do you mean by "physically impossible"? honest question

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    I hear you. I've been binge watching DailyVee from Gary Vaynerchuk lately and his hustle is insane. Where I get stuck is that I WANT to do more, but I find myself waiting on others or waiting on a few big wheels to turn that I've put in motion without any idea how to fill the down time. It's like I should have more projects going on, but inevitably if I do that and end up doing too much.

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    You're already doing pretty well with 4 productive hours. Don't stress yourself too much.

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    Hey man! I'm absolutely the same, have some days when I'm even not productive at all (or at least I think so). Had to spend some time fighting with that feeling and kinda listening what other people think and actually comparing my results with others. Obviously keep up the bar, but always believe in the feedback from your peers and be open with them. I just got a new job and it felt like I'm doing nothing special, but then I got performance feedback and it turned out my productivity was really high. So just keep doing what you are doing, try to stay positive and find the right motivation for your working days! (Mine has become running in for the last months, having a small run and a shower in the morning gets me the energy for the rest of the day.)

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    Is this the guilt of charging for 8 hours speaking?

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