What do you folks use to handle your legal status, your taxes, health insurance, and all that ugly stuff? Any tips would be most welcome.

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    - You have to have an official private address somehow. You can't hide or not exist. Yes you can, but then you have to live at your own with everything too. - Keep your homebase as you know everything there. Except if you can better yourself somewhere else. Like way better. - Insurances on top of basic healthcare. Those insurances get more expensive the older you are when signing a new contract. Also a reason if you have them to keep them where you are based for the moment. - Health insurance and travel insurance are now the same. Here a good blog about: https://micropreneur.life/health-insurance-for-digital-nomads/ - When you are on the go, you need to read your mail. You can forward it automatically to a trust person that opens, scan and send them to you

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