I feel like my company doesn't appreciate how much money I save them by working remotely. They don't have to make space for me in the office. They didn't buy my computer or any other equipment. They don't pay me for any of my time throughout the day doing anything other than work. I used to have an office job, so I know how much time is wasted in an ordinary day. Time spent chit-chatting with co-workers. Time spent getting coffee or even just going to the bathroom. And yet I am the one who is treated with suspicion if an invoice shows I spent "too much" time on a project.

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    When you realize that the leadership doesn't trust it's team, it's time to leave. I think freedom is the number one thing dysfunctional execs hate about remote workers. It's not about how much work you do or don't complete. They want people chained to their desk so they have a feeling of control -- not just over their dress, decor, conversations, but over their flexibility to go find another job.

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