1. Started working remotely with 100% remote team. Haven't seen anyone's face. Communication is either teleconference or IRC. Too many people for video conference. Do you enjoy talking on the phone, unsure of when someone is about to speak? This could be the life for you.

  2. I work from home once a week, if I send a message on slack and don't hear back within an hour, I start thinking everyone at work is slack and I should go watch TV or take a nap.

  3. Having been working remotely for 4 years, I humbly think that working remotely alone is great for focused, deep work, but it is not ideal for communication, which are both required for optimum productivity for a software development team (obviously a one-person-team would be the exception). Ideally a working space should be just big enough for the development team to sit close to each other, but should allow offices with doors for the team members to do their focused work a few hours a day.

  4. Video on or off when you're having catchups with colleagues or clients?

  5. I go out every single night only because I miss people during the day.

  6. I'm dreaming about working remort...traveling the world...see new places and meet new people....and I'm following every top remort worker on twitter and reading about it. And then I remember....fuck.. I got 3 assignments due by Sunday -_-

  7. When I am working on a few different projects at once, what I like to do is switch physical locations when I switch to a new project. Sometimes that just means moving to a different room, but it could mean going to a cafe or the library or whatever. It helps me switch gears and refocus.

  8. I'm a night person, I stay awake until 3am. Then I wake up at 9am. I nap a bit, read, watch movies, talk to the team, do some planning and a bit of work during the day. I take some breaks, pauses, do other stuff. Do work in between. I finish around 1-2am. Need better work/life separation.

  9. I work at an office albeit remotely with my counterpart in our northern office. We're the only 2 that work on development, but it hasn't slowed us down. Working remotely at home is always a challenge unless you are strict on yourself and you have a home office dedicated to it. From the couch with a TV going is a distraction. Sitting at a desk in a comfortable but distraction free environment is perfect. Those of you thumb-downing Coworking spaces aren't doing it right. As members of the coworking group, it's your responsibility to make your surroundings productive and obstruction free. Setting personal boundaries and accepted rules for use of shared space

  10. I come from a wealthy country and I am getting used to my lower salary. Jealous of remote workers with high salaries but I don't want to leave the team. I am also scared that my social skills are going to deteriorate because of all the time spent by myself and that if I want to come back to an in office job, I wouldn't know how to function in an in office job.

  11. Working at home used to be less productive for me, but since then my office has switched to open spaces. Now every couple of minutes someone will walk by, ask what I'm doing, where I'm going to lunch, where I've been for lunch, just making idle talk. Now I either come in at 5am to avoid everyone, or just work from home. Most of the time I'm in meetings so the productivity is pretty much the same either way. On days where I don't have meetings, just having a quiet space is the most useful thing for me to get work done.

  12. Everyone(Founders,CEO) tends to say others to take risk and start doing. But in real life people don't trust those people who take such high risk rather they just hire people who obey without any further question 😐. Strange World.

  13. I feel that working remote for more than 4 weeks on a go sucks out all my motivation. I have to then do a tour of some of my physical offices and get some energy from there. This does not mean that the people working from office are more motivated.. just that it seems that you value what you do more when you see all those faces :)

  14. When you work as a software enginner from home, people will feel like you are writing emails and sharing on facebook. This is a bigger problem when you are away from community.

  15. I find that working remotely vs be office, that I'm more responsive, more productive and more focused being remote. I think it's my inner conscience proving to myself and team that I am trusted and actually working hard. Not sitting at home watching day time tv.

  16. Working remotely let to be part of awesome projects at big companies, when I started it was great bc I can get a good spaces just for me, and let me focus on what I like to do, but after a few years it feels that I need to have some people around, I am thinking a co-working space will be better now, it seems to be like the new way to work these days and also I think I could benefit from other experience and get some people around :)

  17. I love meetings. They are often garbage but where pretty much where of your dictated commitments and scope creep come from and the only place you can object to them.

  18. I am working as a Visual Designer. As I am in a beginning stage, there are lot to learn, yet I dont think I am really concerned about that. I am worried that I am not. Yet, I couldn't. What to do? There are lot of Movies that has to be watched. :) :(

  19. Washing my dishes helps me shift gears. Sometimes, on special days, I use my Magic Wand to be able to move to the next phase. (I used to smoke, so "bridges" had to be replaced with something!) The neighbor's kid is a cry baby. Besides that, this is the best way for me to work. My terms and I produce.