1. Working remotely is a sure proof way to increase your caffeine intake, find ways to do anything but the work you need to do and to tell yourself that you'll do it just after you "insert random excuse". Remote work is basically procrastination with half hour work frenzies when the deadlines start piling up. Still beats 9 to 5 though.

  2. 4th time I subtly attempt to have my company fly me over to HQ. If this one fails, I'll fly myself - to another job.

  3. When I worked in the office, sometimes there would be whole weeks when I didn't have anything important to do and other times when I was crazy busy. Now it's the same, but when I'm not busy I don't feel like that time is completely wasted, sitting in a cubicle. And I don't mind putting the extra effort in when I need to.

  4. I've been working remotely for so long, I don't own a winter coat. During winter you'll find me working from my cosy office.

  5. I started hating NDAs so much, like with a burning passion. Let me show my work and get more clients, assholes!

  6. I forgot about a 1:30 meting today. It just means I need to take a shower now. :(

  7. Anyone ever got in corporate tax troubles (also when there is a bilateral agreement between your home country and your company host country) with you home country when having a remote company abroad (like through the Estonian e-Residency)?

  8. There are times when it's tough working with colleagues in an office environment because you're someone who doesn't want to speak to people much. I feel like running away from this place, but it's being impossible. I badly want to secure a remote gig and move away from this place.

  9. I only do work at the very last minute. I'm too distracted by working remotely. Yet, I cannot, at all, get things done in an office.

  10. Right now i'm doing work at home, my laptop crash 3 months ago while i had alot of projects on going, i had to borrow 3 laptops from friends turn by turn each month to complete my task, suddenly some kind soul came to me a bought me a new macbook pro 15inch 2018 i7 laptop, now i have to clear last 3 months work while going broke, and now i can't take other new work, only time will tell how hardcore my life is right now. But i found remotestories.com, maker's kitchen and product hunt, keep me productive and sane to speak to new people who are same industry with me, i continue to finish my stuffs. After that i need a break to eat something nice, pray to god and also meet some awesome people. Of course nature, island-hopping and good food is needed. TRUE STORY. - https://twitter.com/fajarsiddiqfs

  11. This moment when all the people are sitting around the table and talking about something when you're enjoying sitting on the toilet with your camera turned off.

  12. This was my last day in Antwerp, Belgium. I sat in a café in the vicinity of China Town, had a Flat White, some cake and wrote an article for a client. A few hours later, I was sitting in a bus to Nijmegen (Netherlands). The internet wasn’t working in Belgium, but once I entered the Netherlands, I was online — and I wrote two more articles on the way. I love to be productive whenever and wherever I can. Wasting time is not an option — time is much too precious.

  13. I went from a job where I felt under-appreciated to a remote position that pays far better. I still can't shake the feeling there's no real connection between my worth, my pay, and my time. It's making it very hard to churn out good work from home. It feels like a gilded cage.

  14. I worked remotely & now working in the office. I was productive when I worked remotely than now. People waste ~2hours travelling, ~1hour trying to look good and in the ~7 hours in office, most hours are wasted for unwanted chatter, meetings, greetings & fake smiles. Working remotely is surely lonely but I feel that better than what I do now. Sure, I miss those goodies,snacks, lunch and offsites when working remotely.

  15. OK, I quit my job 4month ago. I have 11 years experience in translation so I was like, why not? I'm gonna quit this job and live my life! Well, at that moment I had a well-paid project, now? I'm really struggling. Being a Freelancer takes time to start earning the amount you need to live the way you want. Do I regret quitting my awful job? NO Do I earn more? NO Do I need to earn more? OH HELL YEAH

  16. I think i need to let myself work on the things i care about and get excited but somehow i feel like i’m in my own world

  17. I miss the feeling of walking into work in a new outfit and feeling confident.

  18. I think remote work is going to be as successful as the work you put into it from the start. If you start it with no preparation, with the thinking of "I'll get stuff done, it'll be fine" then you're going to have a really hard time being productive and focused. Starting out with a lot of structure and eventually taking some away or finding adjustments to that structure will set you up for success in the long run. Long-term remote work is totally possible, rewarding, and engaging but you have to be intentional about it.

  19. I'm particular about coffee, and trying to brew something in the office kitchen feels like cooking thanksgiving dinner with an easy bake oven. Remote work means I can sculpt my environment to work perfectly for me without inconveniencing others.

  20. There is this client of mine, we only involve in volunteering, collaboration and some services we offered. After finish the project, he annoyingly find faults with us for no reason because we make contacts with the community. He is afraid of losing his market and control of the community. You can't control people who we communicate with, whereas you're doing for business and we are doing on personal cause. There are people out there who greedy for money, they are knowledgable but they like to stir stories around. We are glad that we communicate with others, they told us about all these information. They make used of us as much as they can and also called us "workers" whereas we are collaborators only, working for a specific project time frame given. And now he is texting us all over whatsapp because he saw we building another project which has nothing got to do with him, his business, his brand, his marketing and the list goes on. These people are really pain in the ass. They are nothing but just greedy beyond control, it's fine to do what they want, it doesn't bother us. But now we have our own project. We are not ever a business, we just helping others in need with a small amount of money target to provide basic necessity to live. We are upset by the way this founder's behavior. We are very patient with whatever communication and we are clear about any discussions. He told us this is bad. But in our opinion, we are not disturbing his business nor his partners. We are just helping out a cause. We are so done. I am so done. I'm so tired thinking about this kind of people in my life. It sucks really.

  21. I'm ceo of two startups and spend 7 hours per day working from my bed with only my computer. i get my company going from 7 to 20 employees in 3 months, the second one is planning to raise money soon.

  22. Remote work has pros & cons for an employer, but it gets you the best people to work on a product. You shouldn't limit yourself to a few guys near your area. The Internet is now prevalent, so unless the job requires physical labour, you have the entire globe at your disposal.

  23. Not showing until nearly noon, and then wondering if the people who saw you on video conference in the morning will notice the clothes switch and/or lack of bed head when they see you in the afternoon.

  24. Through years of traveling, I’ve learned the importance of creating a dedicated ‘space’ within your environments where you can focus, thrive and be efficient. Posting up in random cafes doesn’t work for me – I get too distracted and spend more time trying to find a groove vs actually being in it. Creativity can flourish anywhere as long as you give yourself the space and permission to do so.

  25. When the customer calls the biggest Logo and you think you'd just pull a kick in the face.

  26. Started working remotely with 100% remote team. Haven't seen anyone's face. Communication is either teleconference or IRC. Too many people for video conference. Do you enjoy talking on the phone, unsure of when someone is about to speak? This could be the life for you.

  27. I really wish I was #1000, but #998 will do 😂

  28. Video on or off when you're having catchups with colleagues or clients?

  29. I'm dreaming about working remort...traveling the world...see new places and meet new people....and I'm following every top remort worker on twitter and reading about it. And then I remember....fuck.. I got 3 assignments due by Sunday -_-

  30. Crappy WiFi seems to follow me everywhere, even when I’m in super developed, connected cities – maybe I’m preempting it.

  31. I've updated the deps, the sw stopped to work and I don't know why. Js fatigue

  32. Having been working remotely for 4 years, I humbly think that working remotely alone is great for focused, deep work, but it is not ideal for communication, which are both required for optimum productivity for a software development team (obviously a one-person-team would be the exception). Ideally a working space should be just big enough for the development team to sit close to each other, but should allow offices with doors for the team members to do their focused work a few hours a day.

  33. As a remote worker, my only complaint is that my Laptop charging is broken. I have to switch off it when battery is out. Thank you Lenovo for this :(

  34. hate not having people to do constructive workshops with.

  35. I work from home once a week, if I send a message on slack and don't hear back within an hour, I start thinking everyone at work is slack and I should go watch TV or take a nap.

  36. If you work too mutch you will never have time to get rich :)

  37. I go out every single night only because I miss people during the day.

  38. I come from a wealthy country and I am getting used to my lower salary. Jealous of remote workers with high salaries but I don't want to leave the team. I am also scared that my social skills are going to deteriorate because of all the time spent by myself and that if I want to come back to an in office job, I wouldn't know how to function in an in office job.

  39. When I am working on a few different projects at once, what I like to do is switch physical locations when I switch to a new project. Sometimes that just means moving to a different room, but it could mean going to a cafe or the library or whatever. It helps me switch gears and refocus.

  40. I'm a night person, I stay awake until 3am. Then I wake up at 9am. I nap a bit, read, watch movies, talk to the team, do some planning and a bit of work during the day. I take some breaks, pauses, do other stuff. Do work in between. I finish around 1-2am. Need better work/life separation.