1. One of my fellow remote employees said that her favorite part about being remote are the conference calls (the kind where you have to be there but never actually say anything...so basically all conference calls). Why? She uses the time to wash her dishes. #truestory

  2. I have spend 3 consecutive days in hood fleece pajamas, dodging video calls not to be unmasked because " i have some bad internet connection those days so we better make audio call only"

  3. Working so close to, or sometimes in, the kitchen + not hitting anywhere near the step count I used to from walking to work everyday = putting on the pounds

  4. Mon: In the office, pulled into one distraction (read: meeting) after another. 5:00 approaches, I stress about my minuscule progress on real work. Tues - Thurs: Working from home, plowing through 2 weeks of backlog. I blast the boss' inbox with accomplishments. I feel awesome. Fri: Back in the office, my boss congratulates me on the great meetings that happened Monday. She asks where I was for all the meetings Tues, Wed, and Thurs. Wants me to work on being more available, these things are important.

  5. I miss having a permanent desk. 😔

  6. I really hate Project Management systems as each client preffers one but they never learn how to use it properly so we spend days planning and setting everything up. Every project needs a talk and a to-do list but they are having too much fun setting up cards and decks and invites and other useless features that they pay for...

  7. Unproductive for years, that I need some discipline - still searching for an effective routine that works for me. Getting overweight, and living a sedentary lifestyle. I need to act before my health fails me soon. Only thing would give me happiness and rejuvenate me to work is travel. Though would it work if I'm unproductive at the first place?

  8. I was conducting a video interview from home. Then my wife walked into the frame with her bath towel on after taking a shower. When she realized I was on a call, she froze in shock briefly before scampering off in embarrassment. The guys on the call played it cool and acted like nothing happened. Yep.

  9. In the city where I work, they don't believe I'm actually working at home. They make them think I'm crazy. So next times I'm going to tell everybody I have no job at all.

  10. They say working remotely is the most productive way nowadays and here I am on my 3rd hour of YT-ing and I can't stop. Perhaps, this isn't for me because for you to be productive, you need to have an extreme level of self-discipline to survive this.

  11. I have been building sites and apps for years now but after my accident 7 months ago in a car crash, I kind lost the edge. Simple CSS fails me and now look like an imposter at work. Decided to switch careers.

  12. The delivery guy is always astonished to see me answer the door every time he has a package for me. I started to pretend I work a nightshift because I didn't want to explain why I'm working in my pajamas in the morning.

  13. What do you folks use to handle your legal status, your taxes, health insurance, and all that ugly stuff? Any tips would be most welcome.

  14. If I didn't work remotely, I would never get the leaves out of my yard.

  15. Had tough time getting people in the meeting on time. Given that the meeting schedule is fix for every meeting

  16. My favorite thing about remote work is the freedom to work wherever I want either from a coworking space or a neighborhood cafe as long as I’m productive, I’m happy.

  17. Co-founders losing interest mid-project, both of them have full time jobs and I'm a work at home freelancer. All we have now is a half built app and lots of wasted time. Looks like I screwed up again. 😤

  18. Juggling multiple remote jobs across multiple continents -_- Hope I don't break

  19. I just resigned my remote job to go back to office because these people want me to work 8 hours a day!

  20. I decided to come to a co-working space for new startups today as I was lonely working from home. Turns out I'm the only person in the entire building apart form the receptionist. Still lonely but now I have to wear clothes (...or do I?!)

  21. I feel like my company doesn't appreciate how much money I save them by working remotely. They don't have to make space for me in the office. They didn't buy my computer or any other equipment. They don't pay me for any of my time throughout the day doing anything other than work. I used to have an office job, so I know how much time is wasted in an ordinary day. Time spent chit-chatting with co-workers. Time spent getting coffee or even just going to the bathroom. And yet I am the one who is treated with suspicion if an invoice shows I spent "too much" time on a project.

  22. I usually fake being productive at home. I keep playing videogames and watching netflix, so I make everything I should've done at home when I'm back at the office the next day.

  23. Hi everyone! Im just about to give the big jump to work remotely, Im very afraid but felling really enthisiastic at the same time, with a lot of expectations and plans, I think this could bring a really nice change in my life given that at this point of my life I woudl love to be free to manage my time and travel when I want to.This blog is really inspiring and a big help when we are in doubt.

  24. Working in South America for an Asian Startup, it is getting hard because i'm the only one working remotely and it feels like every meeting is a presentation selling "me" and the rest of the teams then decides if they buy or not, and they speak with each other in Chinese. The good part is that i'm full time with a "Sillicon Valley" salary, but my productive time is less than 5 hours. PS: I suspect that they secretly hate me

  25. I took my morning off and it felt weird waking up this morning. I felt like I was relaxed the whole morning but my body did not understand why I was at home not working. Starting in the afternoon, I felt very calm and a bit lonely as I didn't have any face to face chat with anyone the whole afternoon. Very strange day!

  26. Can you guys comment the names of companies or websites for finding remote work? Especially interested in Analyst / Excel type of jobs.

  27. "I'd say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work." https://youtu.be/djdQDsB55QI (Apologies if it's been done to death already)

  28. I live in a city that gets very cold in the winter and I feel lucky that I don't have to leave the house to work. I remember the misery of waiting for the bus outside on a below-zero day when I used to have a regular office job. I think of that when I'm warm and cozy in my bed, working. The downside is sometimes 3 or 4 days go by and I realize I haven't left my house.

  29. Remote work is a source of independence and freedom that otherwise cannot be achieved with full-time work. Thinking about travelling, fulfilling passions & taking care of yourself. If you don't allow your employees to go remote or WFH - you're actively denying them that.

  30. We had a Google Hangout voice-only meeting one day and it sounded like the Product Manager had porn playing in the background when he first started the meeting.

  31. I started on upwork with $5 an hour in 2014. Yesterday I billed a customer $150/h. Moral of the story: People think if its pricey, its better. (well I am but you know what I mean).

  32. I started freelancing remotely two years ago. I work hard, 9+ hours a day, 6 days a week. I'm more productive then I've ever been. I communicate with the companies I work with all day through IMs. I do hands-on work and also manage ppl remotely. I am happy. Remote work is the future.

  33. When I first started working full-time as a remote employee, I was too afraid to even get up and leave my desk because I kept associating my home as an extension of my company's office. But it's not. My home is my office. Learning to rethink how I allocate my time and what is acceptable and not acceptable at my office was a huge adjustment. Fast forward a year later and now I wake up, clock in and hop in the shower while I wait for my encrypted PC to start up because I realized that I have opportunities available to me at my office that others do not, so what I choose to do with my free time/in between time and what others in office do with theirs is arbitrary. They make a coffee and do their rounds of morning hellos - I get cleaned up for the day. They both take five minutes.

  34. My Pokemon Go app has become pretty much redundant since I started working from home. I don't live anywhere near a Pokestop. My previous office was a sweet spot within range of 2 Pokestops and a gym. I levelled up a magikarp to a gyarados in 3 days. Been missing that kind of action

  35. It feels good to be around my family while I work, but it's really hard to be productive. Sometimes I work five hours a day, sometimes even less. It also sucks being at home so much, so I go to a café to switch the environment a bit.

  36. In my case, meetings suck when working remotely because internet access in my country is very slow. Google Hangouts doesn't deal well with audio, Skype doesn't synchronize audio/video, and the rest are just too unpopular to convince my team to use.

  37. Night is when I’m most productive. No distractions, only Snow Patrol and the tungsten glow of my Fl.ux powered laptop screen.