1. I started on upwork with $5 an hour in 2014. Yesterday I billed a customer $150/h. Moral of the story: People think if its pricey, its better. (well I am but you know what I mean).

  2. I work remotely 5-9 hours a day. Delegate to developers in India. Earn about $5k a month and pay $1k in wages.

  3. We had a Google Hangout voice-only meeting one day and it sounded like the Product Manager had porn playing in the background when he first started the meeting.

  4. Some of my days are filled with aimless attempts to contribute meaningful work to my firm. Other days present unique opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I've stopped worrying so much about which kind of day I'm going to have - and instead, have focused on doing what is best for me and trusting it will be what is best for the company. I've completed complex financial pro formas in my PJs. And I've also spent hours on end daydreaming in my rocking chair. At some point, I realized that it all kinda balances out.

  5. One of the best benefits of remote work that nobody talks about: you don't get sick. Back in the time, I used to work in an office every day I was sick every quarter. Now when I got sick is one time in the entire year and it goes alway really fast.

  6. I work from home once a week, if I send a message on slack and don't hear back within an hour, I start thinking everyone at work is slack and I should go watch TV or take a nap.

  7. I work remotely and I work for two companies at the same time. None of the two companies know i'm working for other. The funny thing is that I'm doing really good at both companies and the leads and project managers at both companies are blown away with my code and turn around time on features/bugs. On one of the company I helped save a 2 million project from a client who was on the edge of walking way the 2 week before I came on the project. That client just signed another half million dollar deal this week.

  8. You dont have a "real" remote job unless it's 99% remote. None of this 3 days remote, 2 days on site bullshit.

  9. I make up excuses so I don't have to go to the office and I can work remote. I hate disruptions with a passion. I don't care about what sounds better for a company tweet, that's not my job... it's yours. Stop distracting me.

  10. Can you guys comment the names of companies or websites for finding remote work? Especially interested in Analyst / Excel type of jobs.

  11. I've been working remotely for over a decade, and I can never go back to working in an office. I think this limits my career options in the future, as most senior positions require you to be physically on site.

  12. I honestly only do like 5 hours of real work a week. Love being full time remote. Just wish I could get a second job like this and bring in two FT salaries.

  13. Everytime my cofounder and I talk on Skype, I do my nails. He can't see.

  14. I go out every single night only because I miss people during the day.

  15. Video on or off when you're having catchups with colleagues or clients?

  16. My Pokemon Go app has become pretty much redundant since I started working from home. I don't live anywhere near a Pokestop. My previous office was a sweet spot within range of 2 Pokestops and a gym. I levelled up a magikarp to a gyarados in 3 days. Been missing that kind of action

  17. Working so close to, or sometimes in, the kitchen + not hitting anywhere near the step count I used to from walking to work everyday = putting on the pounds

  18. I feel that working remote for more than 4 weeks on a go sucks out all my motivation. I have to then do a tour of some of my physical offices and get some energy from there. This does not mean that the people working from office are more motivated.. just that it seems that you value what you do more when you see all those faces :)

  19. If I didn't work remotely, I would never get the leaves out of my yard.

  20. Most of the company I work for is remote. At home I have windows that look out to a park, an espresso machine, and I can blast my techno music. Recently tried a cubicle job that paid a bit more, but couldn't get past the lack of windows, cameras watching me, and coworkers in tears. I lasted less than a week.

  21. When working at a coffee shop, I hate going alone because then I have to take my computer with me when I have to go poop. The struggle is real.

  22. As a remote worker, my only complaint is that my Laptop charging is broken. I have to switch off it when battery is out. Thank you Lenovo for this :(

  23. Music is in da house all day long, I can't do it in an office (fucking open space).

  24. Huge proponent of a mix of work. Like, maybe 3 days at office and 2 days from home. I have found my self to be more productive when switching the environment like this.