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  1. One of my fellow remote employees said that her favorite part about being remote are the conference calls (the kind where you have to be there but never actually say basically all conference calls). Why? She uses the time to wash her dishes. #truestory

  2. When I first started working full-time as a remote employee, I was too afraid to even get up and leave my desk because I kept associating my home as an extension of my company's office. But it's not. My home is my office. Learning to rethink how I allocate my time and what is acceptable and not acceptable at my office was a huge adjustment. Fast forward a year later and now I wake up, clock in and hop in the shower while I wait for my encrypted PC to start up because I realized that I have opportunities available to me at my office that others do not, so what I choose to do with my free time/in between time and what others in office do with theirs is arbitrary. They make a coffee and do their rounds of morning hellos - I get cleaned up for the day. They both take five minutes.

  3. I told management they're all elitists that don't represent their diverse workforce and pay slave wages without listening to actual workers to improve work conditions. Now I'm unemployed with a few hundred bucks in my name. Anywho, I don't know where I'm going, but I'm working remotely at local libraries now, and sometimes seem like I'm the only one there I get sick of the numerous "suspect stares", so I work from inside my car in some desolated Metra station parking lots with 1 bar wi-fi signals. Cops love me. Fuck this feels failuresque, but I still feel I can find my way. I don't know, maybe I fucked up for good this time. Only things keeping me upbeat are my dreams. As corny as that dunk sounds. I feel I can create something. Something that will gain traction. I don't know. Fuck.

  4. I love meetings. They are often garbage but where pretty much where of your dictated commitments and scope creep come from and the only place you can object to them.

  5. I wanted to hire a guy to be onsite, but my boss insisted on a remote guy like me. He was never available when we needed him so we fired him. Next guy was the same, getting drunk on conference calls and died of a heroin overdose. I then had to go onsite as a team of one since the client stopped trusting remote workers.

  6. I started on upwork with $5 an hour in 2014. Yesterday I billed a customer $150/h. Moral of the story: People think if its pricey, its better. (well I am but you know what I mean).

  7. I work remotely 5-9 hours a day. Delegate to developers in India. Earn about $5k a month and pay $1k in wages.

  8. We had a Google Hangout voice-only meeting one day and it sounded like the Product Manager had porn playing in the background when he first started the meeting.

  9. Some of my days are filled with aimless attempts to contribute meaningful work to my firm. Other days present unique opportunities to grow personally and professionally. I've stopped worrying so much about which kind of day I'm going to have - and instead, have focused on doing what is best for me and trusting it will be what is best for the company. I've completed complex financial pro formas in my PJs. And I've also spent hours on end daydreaming in my rocking chair. At some point, I realized that it all kinda balances out.

  10. One of the best benefits of remote work that nobody talks about: you don't get sick. Back in the time, I used to work in an office every day I was sick every quarter. Now when I got sick is one time in the entire year and it goes alway really fast.

  11. I work from home once a week, if I send a message on slack and don't hear back within an hour, I start thinking everyone at work is slack and I should go watch TV or take a nap.

  12. I work remotely and I work for two companies at the same time. None of the two companies know i'm working for other. The funny thing is that I'm doing really good at both companies and the leads and project managers at both companies are blown away with my code and turn around time on features/bugs. On one of the company I helped save a 2 million project from a client who was on the edge of walking way the 2 week before I came on the project. That client just signed another half million dollar deal this week.

  13. You dont have a "real" remote job unless it's 99% remote. None of this 3 days remote, 2 days on site bullshit.

  14. I make up excuses so I don't have to go to the office and I can work remote. I hate disruptions with a passion. I don't care about what sounds better for a company tweet, that's not my job... it's yours. Stop distracting me.

  15. Can you guys comment the names of companies or websites for finding remote work? Especially interested in Analyst / Excel type of jobs.

  16. I honestly only do like 5 hours of real work a week. Love being full time remote. Just wish I could get a second job like this and bring in two FT salaries.

  17. Everytime my cofounder and I talk on Skype, I do my nails. He can't see.

  18. I go out every single night only because I miss people during the day.

  19. Video on or off when you're having catchups with colleagues or clients?

  20. My Pokemon Go app has become pretty much redundant since I started working from home. I don't live anywhere near a Pokestop. My previous office was a sweet spot within range of 2 Pokestops and a gym. I levelled up a magikarp to a gyarados in 3 days. Been missing that kind of action

  21. Working so close to, or sometimes in, the kitchen + not hitting anywhere near the step count I used to from walking to work everyday = putting on the pounds

  22. I feel that working remote for more than 4 weeks on a go sucks out all my motivation. I have to then do a tour of some of my physical offices and get some energy from there. This does not mean that the people working from office are more motivated.. just that it seems that you value what you do more when you see all those faces :)

  23. If I didn't work remotely, I would never get the leaves out of my yard.

  24. Most of the company I work for is remote. At home I have windows that look out to a park, an espresso machine, and I can blast my techno music. Recently tried a cubicle job that paid a bit more, but couldn't get past the lack of windows, cameras watching me, and coworkers in tears. I lasted less than a week.

  25. As a remote worker, my only complaint is that my Laptop charging is broken. I have to switch off it when battery is out. Thank you Lenovo for this :(

  26. Music is in da house all day long, I can't do it in an office (fucking open space).

  27. Huge proponent of a mix of work. Like, maybe 3 days at office and 2 days from home. I have found my self to be more productive when switching the environment like this.

  28. I come from a wealthy country and I am getting used to my lower salary. Jealous of remote workers with high salaries but I don't want to leave the team. I am also scared that my social skills are going to deteriorate because of all the time spent by myself and that if I want to come back to an in office job, I wouldn't know how to function in an in office job.

  29. I work at an office albeit remotely with my counterpart in our northern office. We're the only 2 that work on development, but it hasn't slowed us down. Working remotely at home is always a challenge unless you are strict on yourself and you have a home office dedicated to it. From the couch with a TV going is a distraction. Sitting at a desk in a comfortable but distraction free environment is perfect. Those of you thumb-downing Coworking spaces aren't doing it right. As members of the coworking group, it's your responsibility to make your surroundings productive and obstruction free. Setting personal boundaries and accepted rules for use of shared space

  30. Working at home used to be less productive for me, but since then my office has switched to open spaces. Now every couple of minutes someone will walk by, ask what I'm doing, where I'm going to lunch, where I've been for lunch, just making idle talk. Now I either come in at 5am to avoid everyone, or just work from home. Most of the time I'm in meetings so the productivity is pretty much the same either way. On days where I don't have meetings, just having a quiet space is the most useful thing for me to get work done.

  31. I live in a city that gets very cold in the winter and I feel lucky that I don't have to leave the house to work. I remember the misery of waiting for the bus outside on a below-zero day when I used to have a regular office job. I think of that when I'm warm and cozy in my bed, working. The downside is sometimes 3 or 4 days go by and I realize I haven't left my house.

  32. I'm a night person, I stay awake until 3am. Then I wake up at 9am. I nap a bit, read, watch movies, talk to the team, do some planning and a bit of work during the day. I take some breaks, pauses, do other stuff. Do work in between. I finish around 1-2am. Need better work/life separation.

  33. When the customer calls the biggest Logo and you think you'd just pull a kick in the face.

  34. I'm ceo of two startups and spend 7 hours per day working from my bed with only my computer. i get my company going from 7 to 20 employees in 3 months, the second one is planning to raise money soon.

  35. I haven't used an alarm clock in ages. I was inducing myself a lot of stress right out of bed and this early stress was affecting my day. Once I stopped using the alarm clock, I've felt more energized. Funnily enough, I wake up systematically at the same time (say 8:27am), but on my own terms. That's one perk of remote work. No need to check in at the office at 9am sharp. It doesn't mean I'm slacking, I'm getting enough sleep and can work more productively troughout the day.

  36. I used to wear the same hoodie on every video conference call. I wonder if my team thought I had no clothing or that I wasn't even real. Just some robot out there chipping away at work.

  37. I worked remotely & now working in the office. I was productive when I worked remotely than now. People waste ~2hours travelling, ~1hour trying to look good and in the ~7 hours in office, most hours are wasted for unwanted chatter, meetings, greetings & fake smiles. Working remotely is surely lonely but I feel that better than what I do now. Sure, I miss those goodies,snacks, lunch and offsites when working remotely.

  38. The other day during a video conference with my team, my SO came and kissed me, not knowing I was on video. It felt so weird but everyone was cool with it.

  39. I was treated like shit. Yes, even in remote work you can't get away from bad bosses. And because of their decisions, I had to be the one dealing with users complaining. In an office you can be micromanaged. In remote work, you can also be micromanaged. My remote work environment suffered from: overengineering, micromanagement, being treated as expendable (and everyone was reminded of it), and people with anger issues using anger to control. Once, I was asked why I looked like I "didn't care" when someone had another video meeting-slash-shouting session at the team. Their control-via-anger doesn't work on me. And it bothered them. I guess you could say that I 'hit back'. Not in anger, but via other ways. Legal ways. Their 'Let's treat our remote employee like shit!' had backfired on them. My life is much better.