1. My boss usually starts a phone call with "Get off your games or whatever you're doing, I need your help" He works from home too. Can't bullshit a bullshitter!

  2. I usually fake being productive at home. I keep playing videogames and watching netflix, so I make everything I should've done at home when I'm back at the office the next day.

  3. This moment when all the people are sitting around the table and talking about something when you're enjoying sitting on the toilet with your camera turned off.

  4. Just started to work remotely! =D Hope it will be great! =D

  5. Working in South America for an Asian Startup, it is getting hard because i'm the only one working remotely and it feels like every meeting is a presentation selling "me" and the rest of the teams then decides if they buy or not, and they speak with each other in Chinese. The good part is that i'm full time with a "Sillicon Valley" salary, but my productive time is less than 5 hours. PS: I suspect that they secretly hate me

  6. When you work as a software enginner from home, people will feel like you are writing emails and sharing on facebook. This is a bigger problem when you are away from community.

  7. I carry a white bed sheet with me to tape on the wall behind me so the my team believe I'm always at the same co-working office in Hkg. The reality is I've been moving around and living by the beach in other counties. #winning

  8. Through years of traveling, I’ve learned the importance of creating a dedicated ‘space’ within your environments where you can focus, thrive and be efficient. Posting up in random cafes doesn’t work for me – I get too distracted and spend more time trying to find a groove vs actually being in it. Creativity can flourish anywhere as long as you give yourself the space and permission to do so.

  9. Crappy WiFi seems to follow me everywhere, even when I’m in super developed, connected cities – maybe I’m preempting it.

  10. In the city where I work, they don't believe I'm actually working at home. They make them think I'm crazy. So next times I'm going to tell everybody I have no job at all.

  11. I feel like my company doesn't appreciate how much money I save them by working remotely. They don't have to make space for me in the office. They didn't buy my computer or any other equipment. They don't pay me for any of my time throughout the day doing anything other than work. I used to have an office job, so I know how much time is wasted in an ordinary day. Time spent chit-chatting with co-workers. Time spent getting coffee or even just going to the bathroom. And yet I am the one who is treated with suspicion if an invoice shows I spent "too much" time on a project.

  12. I just work with my cat on the desk.

  13. The delivery guy is always astonished to see me answer the door every time he has a package for me. I started to pretend I work a nightshift because I didn't want to explain why I'm working in my pajamas in the morning.

  14. We are the remote workers. The remote work is a big power, but with great power comes great responsibility. Let's keep on demonstrating the world that this is the right path for a better and more effective society. Let's not become a bunch of lazy assholes.

  15. I've updated the deps, the sw stopped to work and I don't know why. Js fatigue

  16. 4th time I subtly attempt to have my company fly me over to HQ. If this one fails, I'll fly myself - to another job.

  17. I spend my down time between projects programming and looking up new tools/frameworks I wouldn't have had time for if I wasn't working remotely. Hoping one day I'll make my way to becoming a remote engineer :)

  18. This could be the most Millenial website ever. Here's my contribution: "I'm working from home today, and my kids are sick. They scream all the time and every twenty minutes or so I have to turn on a different cartoon for them or dose them up on some kind of drug. Come to think of it, it's not so very different from a normal day in the office."

  19. I use my non-billed time in the day to daydream about making a self sustainable SaaS product and never having to work again ❤️

  20. I have been operating 3 companies remotely since last 2 years. One is 3 year old in fact, I now operate team of about 28 people, all working remotely and we have never ever faced any issue with remote working lifestyle. Everything is super great and I believe its all about the execution.

  21. Coffee shops were amazing at first, but then i realised i couldn't go to the toilet without taking all my stuff with me :) Annoying when you got into a good rhythm.

  22. OK, I quit my job 4month ago. I have 11 years experience in translation so I was like, why not? I'm gonna quit this job and live my life! Well, at that moment I had a well-paid project, now? I'm really struggling. Being a Freelancer takes time to start earning the amount you need to live the way you want. Do I regret quitting my awful job? NO Do I earn more? NO Do I need to earn more? OH HELL YEAH

  23. I started freelancing remotely two years ago. I work hard, 9+ hours a day, 6 days a week. I'm more productive then I've ever been. I communicate with the companies I work with all day through IMs. I do hands-on work and also manage ppl remotely. I am happy. Remote work is the future.

  24. When I worked in the office, sometimes there would be whole weeks when I didn't have anything important to do and other times when I was crazy busy. Now it's the same, but when I'm not busy I don't feel like that time is completely wasted, sitting in a cubicle. And I don't mind putting the extra effort in when I need to.

  25. I only do work at the very last minute. I'm too distracted by working remotely. Yet, I cannot, at all, get things done in an office.