1. My favorite thing is working from the neighborhood climbing gym's cafe. They have good wifi, and we can take a sport break anytime!
  2. What do you folks use to handle your legal status, your taxes, health insurance, and all that ugly stuff? Any tips would be most welcome.
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  4. I'm so fed up with the endless hassle in phone & video conferences with my peers - "can you hear me?", "can you see me?", "can you see my screen?", "sorry, I was on mute", "can you give me control?", ...
  5. I think remote work is going to be as successful as the work you put into it from the start. If you start it with no preparation, with the thinking of "I'll get stuff done, it'll be fine" then you're going to have a really hard time being productive and focused. Starting out with a lot of structure and eventually taking some away or finding adjustments to that structure will set you up for success in the long run. Long-term remote work is totally possible, rewarding, and engaging but you have to be intentional about it.
  6. I am looking for a remote job to have something post here.
  7. If you work too mutch you will never have time to get rich :)
  8. I have been working remotely for last 4 years. Spending time with my family and seeing my child grow up something I will never take for granted. While it does come with its challenges, I feel very lucky to be working remotely.
  9. I don't know how to monetize my website effectively, if it did me well, i would certainly work only remotely...
  10. On Monday, I worked all day till 11pm. On Tuesday, I had meetings early morning and presented my work. In the afternoon, I went grocery shopping, worked on my garden, and had some me time because I finished all my work on Monday.
  11. I'm dreaming about working remort...traveling the world...see new places and meet new people....and I'm following every top remort worker on twitter and reading about it. And then I remember....fuck.. I got 3 assignments due by Sunday -_-
  12. what is holiday?
  13. I am paid for 24 hours work a week. I do 5. IMO, this is entirely fair. I am being paid for my value, not my time.
  14. I'm only the one developer in a remote startup who do all the development and i also get very less pay for this. the thing is I'm afraid that if I'll tell them to increase my salary they will cut my position.
  15. I have been building sites and apps for years now but after my accident 7 months ago in a car crash, I kind lost the edge. Simple CSS fails me and now look like an imposter at work. Decided to switch careers.
  16. I don't think I could ever work in an office again.
  17. I find that working remotely vs be office, that I'm more responsive, more productive and more focused being remote. I think it's my inner conscience proving to myself and team that I am trusted and actually working hard. Not sitting at home watching day time tv.
  18. I was secretly pooping during a few of my conference calls with my boss
  19. There are times when it's tough working with colleagues in an office environment because you're someone who doesn't want to speak to people much. I feel like running away from this place, but it's being impossible. I badly want to secure a remote gig and move away from this place.
  20. My family don't understand the concept of "Working From Home." They regularly turn up and expect me to do something other than work at the drop of a coin!
  21. My boss usually starts a phone call with "Get off your games or whatever you're doing, I need your help" He works from home too. Can't bullshit a bullshitter!
  22. I usually fake being productive at home. I keep playing videogames and watching netflix, so I make everything I should've done at home when I'm back at the office the next day.
  23. This moment when all the people are sitting around the table and talking about something when you're enjoying sitting on the toilet with your camera turned off.
  24. Just started to work remotely! =D Hope it will be great! =D
  25. Working in South America for an Asian Startup, it is getting hard because i'm the only one working remotely and it feels like every meeting is a presentation selling "me" and the rest of the teams then decides if they buy or not, and they speak with each other in Chinese. The good part is that i'm full time with a "Sillicon Valley" salary, but my productive time is less than 5 hours. PS: I suspect that they secretly hate me
  26. When you work as a software enginner from home, people will feel like you are writing emails and sharing on facebook. This is a bigger problem when you are away from community.